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YIFAN Portable Concrete Crusher Helps with Puyang Construction Waste Disposal

In recent years, the pace of urban construction is gradually accelerated, but the amount of construction waste is bound to arise and caused a lot of negative effects to people's life and ecological environment. In developed countries, people give very high evaluation for construction waste because that most of construction waste can be made into all kinds of available recycled products after processing so as to realize the reuse.
Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed various types of professional construction waste recycling equipment for processing construction waste after years of research, such as: construction waste concrete crusher, portable concrete crusher, portable jaw crusher, portable cone crusher, portable impact crusher, portable vsi crusher, crawler portable concrete crusher, portable screening plant etc.

construction waste recycling

In Puyang, Henan, a huge amount of construction waste has been produced and caused inconvenience to people’s life. Some time ago, a construction waste processing factory in Puyang introduced a construction waste portable concrete crusher from Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. Though the running time is short, but it has caused apparent changes. With YIFAN portable concrete crusher, it not only solves the construction waste problems, but provides recycled aggregates for the urban economic construction.

construction waste recycling

YIFAN portable concrete crusher can realize the crushing, screening, eliminating and sorting at the removing site and which also can realize the zero pollution to the environment because of the building waste which can be handled at once is not existing any more, which can be used in the road paving, bridge building and some other fields. 
The recycled aggregate made of construction waste is sold at the price of 30 to 60 yuan to the surrounding brick factories to produce baking-free bricks. The baking-free bricks made of construction waste have low price, good quality, high compressive strength, economy and environment-friendly, is widely used in housing construction area. The factory has made considerable profits through construction waste recycling and sand and aggregate making. 

construction waste recycling

The YIFAN portable concrete crusher for construction waste recycling, not only to solve the environmental pollution, and increase economic efficiency, can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

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