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Concrete Recovery Plant

At present, most of concrete mixing plants connot provide good residual concrete recovery system in our country. The majority adopt the sedimentation pond to complete the separation of liquid and solid. Although this method can realize part of sewage recycling, it cannot solve the recycling problem of sand stone and cement in the concrete thoroughly. During the production concrete, some scrap concrete may be generated. Once these scrap concrete aoagulates, it will pollute environment. According to statistics, scrap concrete compositon accounts for 1%-2.5% of the total concrete production.

concrete recovery Plant

1. Concrete agitating lorry  2. Feed hopper flushing line 3. Upper flushing line
 4. Spiral classifier  5. Coarse particle vessel  6. Feed hopper
7. Sewage backflow pipeline 8. Cesspool 9. Mixer
10. Reach mixing plant pipeline 11. Water inflow pipeline of cesspool
12. Sewage purification pipeline 13. Sewage pump 14. Mixing plant
 15. Output pipe of purified water 16. Inlet 17. Cyclone
18. Dewatering screen 19. Depurative pond 20. Fine grained vessel
21. Recharge water pipeline of cesspool 22. Bifferomg feeder

CRP Series concrete recycling plants is composed of sand washer, water circulation system and control system ect.

Working process: Agitating lorry pours the scrap concrete into discharge mouth. Under the rotation of the screw, the sand and stone tumbles and rubs mutually to remove the impurity covering on the surface of the aggregate. Simultaneously it destroys the hydrosphere of the aggregate. The sand and stone can be delivered into the discharge hole after rotation. Then all the material enters into the aggregate recycling pile, at the same time the current of water outflows the small proportion particle and other impurity via over-falling opening, which completes the cleaning function. After cleaning and screening, the aggregate can be recycled using (Vibrating screen is optional part).

Water cycling system(water supply system): Water cycling system is composed of the pump, mixer, limit device and water supplying pipe etc. Main function:
1.Add water into the concrete truck mixer;
2.It Cleans the feeding parts, cleans the sand washer and separates the aggregate.
The water is sedimentary water from the above process of the system or the running water supplied by outside.

Control system: The central control cabinet realizes all function of the concrete recycling plant. The support for cleaning aggregate is fixed on the top of the feeding device, it's equipped with the limit device and water supplying pipes which supplies the water to concrete mixer,this is done under the control of electrics system.

Features and advantages of the concrete recycling plant

1.simple and compact structure; convenient operation and maintenance;
2.recycling aggregate continuously;
3.avoiding the environment pollution from concrete and enhancing economic benefits of the concrete manufacturer for aggregate recycling.

Technical of the concrete recycling plant

Model CRP 610 CRP 762 CRP914
Screw diameter(mm) 610 762 914
Max feed size(mm) ≤50mm ≤50mm ≤50mm
Power (kw) 5.5 11 15
capacity(t/h) <20 20-30 30-50
Rotation Speed of Screw(rpm) 32 26 20
Recycling Water Consumption(m³/h) 10-15 10-15 10-15
Weight(kg) 3800 4570 5850

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