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The excellent points of the manufactured sand compared to natural sand

At present, there are two kinds of construction materials including manufactured sand and natural sand in the construction market, which provide the basis sand for the rise of many-storied buildings. So compared with the natural sand, what’s the advantages of the manufactured sand?

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Firstly, the quality advantage: stable source of material and mechanized production mode ensure that the quality of manufactured sand are stable, adjustable and controllable.Secondly, character advantages: there are a high degree of hydrophily and complete gradation. A variety of mineral composition can be chosen and grain position is stable and adjustable; grain shape can be improved.Thirdly, management advantages: there are stable legal person, and have the permission to mining and a fixed place to have business.Fourthly, resource advantages: utilizing various of waste resources not only solve the problem of environmental pollution, but also improve the utilization of natural resources. All these completely conform to the demand of circular economy and scientific outlook on development.

Manufactured sand produced by sand making machinery of Yifan machinery Co.,Ltd are in accordance with national standard for building sand with the characteristics of uniform  particle size, grain shape and reasonable distribution.

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