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Where is the advantage of sand maker,deal with pebbles which sand maker are both affordable and good

Sand making machine also called a sand or crusher machine, there are many models. Mainstream industry in the Sand species has an impact, hammer hit the sand machine, the third generation of Sand, the new stone washing machine, VSI new Sand, river gravel crusher (pebbles Sand), etc., because of its old-fashioned sand making production of aggregate grain type and poor, and low aggregate production line integrated production reasons, the new generation of products has been abandoned, this effect of Sand not only the price is not cheap yet easy to use, more good than harm. So many customers will ask in the end what kind of Sand relatively affordable and easy to use it? Here we are concerned about, what Sand best? 
We all should know, pebble texture is hard, so we recommend that you use the new Yifan Machinery Sand, river gravel crusher (sand making pebbles), which is energy efficient equipment [Sand]. Third-generation Sand Sand compared to other devices for comparison: 
VSI sand making machine
1, so that three gravel for secondary gravel; 
2, repair and easy; 
3, sand process simplification; 
4, long life hammer; 
5, supporting small power; 
6, the material of small particle size; 
7, large production capacity; 
8, simple structure; 
9, grain type uniform; 
10, smooth running characteristics. 
Sand and gravel materials can be crushed into gravel moment 5mm or less, broken out of the sand aggregate cubic degree, very little flakiness, with natural sand is very similar, but also very relatively mellow. In addition, the selection of the new third-generation Sand also more economical and environmentally friendly, because of the higher yield new pebble crusher, greatly enhance the quality of the finished sand, returning materials better, more energy efficient. The equipment investment is lower than the same size conventional technology and equipment 40% -60% higher than the same size output efficiency of traditional technology and equipment 40% -60%, river gravel crusher (sand making pebbles) investment is not high, a larger profit , the risk is low, very reliable.

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