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Teach you purchase the crusher equipment that meet your own needs

Yifan Machinery teach you purchase for their own needs crusher equipment,purchase crusher equipment should follow four principles. That is out of the particle size, yield, and the construction site and service. 

First, out of the expected size 

Access to the required particle size reduction equipment used to determine the type and level of fragmentation. If you feed a larger particle size and the particle size is small, often requires a multi-stage secondary crushing or breaking. If you have broken a smaller particle size generally do not need a multi-stage crushing. And part of a jaw crusher hammer crusher is usually used as a crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher, roll crusher, hammer crusher is generally used as secondary crusher and even tertiary crushing using . 

cone crusher

Second, the production 

Now crusher market yields ranging from 10 tons per hour, several hundred thousands of tons, customers should choose what kind of equipment used according to their specific requirements and how to arrange a specific production line is more reasonable, more cost-effective. 

Third, the construction site 

The specific circumstances of the construction site is the impact crusher equipment of choice for the most direct factor. For example, the construction site of the venue size, placement of concrete crushing equipment, etc. This requires the need for such equipment customers and friends to learn more about relevant aspects of expertise, a comprehensive analysis of the specific circumstances of the specific arrangements for the site selection and production lines crushing equipment. 

Fourth, after-sales service 

Yifan Machinery has the professional service sector, to provide you with a standard pre - sale - service, and to provide users with free maintenance and repair of common sense. Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery has been strict with themselves, crusher equipment to improve production efficiency, the company has a professional construction team, go to site for installation, demonstration, allowing you peace of mind, peace of mind, while Yifan machinery parts when you need it, it will with the fastest speed for you, so you avoid the economic losses due to downtime. Finally, we must look at the price of the crusher, delivery deadlines and manufacturers of brand and reputation, these factors must be taken into account.

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