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Mobile crusher - the preferred treatment of construction waste

        Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. as the design and production of the nation's leading manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment and ancillary equipment to provide customers with all aspects of the aggregate processing solutions, to provide a convenient and efficient mobile crusher PP Series, greatly improving customer productivity to customers create more wealth. 

        Mobile crusher is the bulk material can be a multi-stage crushing and discharging according to certain specifications for screening of mechanical equipment. The crushing and screening equipment available for mining, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and other industries time to complete crushing and screening both operating and production of granular materials required by the user. Mobile crusher station including primary crushing, secondary crushing, conveying, screening and other functions, each broken unit is independent unit of work, can complete its outstanding commitments corresponding duties. Mobile crusher design philosophy is to adapt to the various needs of mobile crushing, and to provide users with a new business model, reduce operational costs. 

mobile crusher plant

        Mobile crushing station uses noise muffler, which greatly reduces the noise, to better meet the inter-city construction waste processing, and equipped with dust removal system, effectively reducing pollution. Mobile crusher advanced technology, fully functional, customer handling construction waste, for commercial gain preferred.

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