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How to better improve the value of the concrete

The concrete is mainly used for the construction.With the continuous development of society, the standard of the material, the need to continue to improve, and then the concrete recycling industry chain development will promote the rapid development of the crusher.

In the process in the concrete recycling, in order to ensure the quality and durability of concrete, reducing the cost of the concrete has been vigorously attempt to pursue the goal to a concrete supply.Also called granulated blast furnace slag, steel slag is a glassy substance, it was too late crystallization extreme cooling blast furnace steelmaking slag.It gives full play to it, if you handle slag micro powder to the grinder and add it to the cement or concrete.

Among the concrete recycling process, but also pay attention to the of dust gas control.Ore crushing process, from the raw ore into the concrete crusher discharge into the grinding groove until unloading ore chute size, and then through the fine grinding, screening and other mineral or water to get the rules of qualified material, the whole process will be due to dust and air mixturediffusion, machinery and equipment, the role of the kinetic energy of the dust and the air passing the material flow, dust leaking into the work area.In this case concrete recycling pollution of the environment occurs.

Therefore, concrete recycling process, not only pay attention to the recycling of concrete, but also pay attention to take to protect the environment, not only to enhance economic efficiency, but also pay attention to the ecological and effective unity.

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