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Construction waste crushing cone concrete crusher

Currently, in order to change the image of the city to meet the economic development of China's large cities, urban expansion project. In many parts of the city reconstruction project will need to eliminate many of the old building, then building. The rapid growth of urban construction waste, construction waste as a product of urban metabolism had the burden of urban development, YIFAN machinery development and production of construction waste cone concrete crusher good recycling of construction waste, solve the city building garbage this problem.

Used to mix a variety of metallic and non-metallic components of construction waste, generally first simple screening during recycling. And then use the cone concrete crusher for crushing process. YIFAN Machinery construction waste cone concrete crusher crushing force spring locking device stability, and provide the protection of iron release, hydraulic cavity clearing cylinder, can quickly remove the broken cavity aggregates and easily broken objects, greatly reducing maintenance time. Hydraulic adjustment of the discharge opening, convenient and accurate adjustment. Therefore construction waste crushing preferred the Yifan special cone concrete crusher construction waste.

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