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The lubrication fittings analysis of the impact concrete cru

Impact Concrete Crusher series models, the spindle and the drive shaft of glycerine slide, allocation body, the five oil guide high pressure hose and the appropriate connectors and other components. The working principle is to the five glycerol Tsui with oil board oiling manually glycerol gun glycerol by oil distribution boards through high-pressure hose to various lubricating parts oiling to complete the work of bearing lubrication.

Supporting optional manual injection pump or electric injection pump, the principle is the same, the lubrication system structure is simple, but oiling ineffective: First-use manual glycerol gun oiling, pressure, flow, glycerol Tsui docking at the easy leakage loss pressure system with high-pressure hoses distance oil hose a minimum of 1 m, 4.5 m longest hose diameter thin and long oil line, filling glycerol is difficult to reach the lubricating parts, resulting in poor oil lubricated parts, resulting in severe concrete crusher spindle bearings lack of oil damage.

Optional manual injection pumps or electric injection pump, although the the oiling pressure and flow rate increased to meet the lubrication requirements, but there is a new problem, sweet oil pump needs to be installed in a broken body, protect the poor, easily damaged; pump andleakage of glycerin will absorb a lot of dust, easily for underground coal dust pollution damage caused by oil pump

How to install impact concrete crusher, another problem is manual or electric pump must have an oil storage room, pumping out the negative pressure generated by the pump when the pump oil, glycerin non-fluid downhole temperature low, resulting in Gan the oil pump suction air, such scoring pressure the air occupy bearing lubrication oil storage space, if they can not discover, bearings short of oil will cause serious consequences, leading concrete crusher bearing damage, affecting the normal production of face equipment.

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