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Portable concrete cruhser revolutionized the city dirty and

It is understood that, in the city's urban fringe, refuse long-term no one is interested in this problem is particularly prominent. Lot of bulky waste not complete garbage crushing and processing equipment, insufficient capacity synthesis problem dumping, resulting in long-term stay, the inconvenience to the residents of the surrounding. Faced with such circumstances, the recovery and recycling of construction waste has become an inevitable trend.

Yifan Machinery developed launch of the construction waste disposal equipment portable concrete crusher, because of its flexibility strong construction waste crushing process becoming the primary crusher equipment,  portable concrete crusher is divided into crawler portable concrete crusher and tire  portable concrete crusher, plus mobile screening station, mobile crushing plant crushing materials classification screening, were collected and, after sorting, removed or crushed, can save a lot of cities and towns the funds for construction andresources, in order to achieve changes in the pattern of traditional building materials - Buildings - construction waste to construction materials - Buildings - construction waste - renewable raw materials cycle.

The portable concrete crusher is in recent years, the rise of large-scale construction waste disposal equipment, there are the city began to introduce portable concrete crusher crushed the city construction waste. Unburned brick, color brick, grass brick, splitting bricks, permeable brick construction aggregate crushed can be made environmentally friendly building materials. Currently, some cities have begun recycling of construction waste to recycling, the effect is very good, not only handling construction waste, protect the environment and protect people's lives, changing the city with dirty and messy situation, at the same time freshmen environmentally friendly building materials can also go to the good economic benefits.

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