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YIFAN construction waste concrete recycling solution

Construction waste disposal has been a major problem with the city's image changing and environmental protection for a long time, greatly hindering the harmonious and sustainable development of the city.

In fact, we can deal with construction waste effectively. Construction waste concrete recycling can not only bring considerable economic benefits, but also bring significant environmental benefits. As a high-tech enterprise which is specializing in researching, developing, and manufacturing industrial concrete crusher, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. noticed fairly early the necessity of construction waste disposal and continued to research and produced portable concrete crusher. The portable concrete crusher plant can process construction waste into recycled raw materials, wall materials, road fill materials and so on, realizing the recycling of construction waste. In addition, Yifan portable concrete crusher also breaks the limitation of fixed site, high transportation costs, etc. Materials can be crushed on the spot. There are main features of portable concrete crusher below:

1. Good mobility. It can enter the work site, both suitable for normal highway driving, as well as in poor road conditions.
2. Compact construction, convenient setting and use. Integration of in-vehicle equipment significantly saves space. Belt-mounted generators, motors and control boxes, make field working easy.
3. Cost saving. Materials can be crushed on the spot, avoiding the turnover of materials and greatly reducing the cost of transport of materials.
4. High configuration flexibility. According to the customer’s work sites, materials, size, and other aspects of the request to customize the portable concrete crusher and provide customers with more suitable equipment for the production needs.
5. Stable performance, easy maintenance. Portable concrete crusher is equipped with Yifan crushers and feeders and vibrating screen of stable performance and easy maintenance. Material transportation equipped with conventional belt conveyors has simple operation, mature technology, low investment and high profits.
6. Having General Applicability. The portable concrete crusher can not only operate independently with single units, but also combine two-stage crushing and screening system for coarse and fine crushing and three-stage crushing and screening system for coarse, medium and fine crushing, or a combination according to the site.

Emergence of portable concrete crusher makes it possible to reuse of construction waste. Yifan Machinery looks forward to China’s urban development towards the direction of harmony and greenization in the future.

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