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Portable Concrete Crusher Support the Construction Waste Rec

Shenzhen City, south of University of Science and Technology building waste-site processing, savings of approximately 6 hectares of land resources; comprehensive utilization of waste resources by building a conversion rate of 90 dollars, natural sand and gravel can reduce material consumption by 600,000 cubic meters; can save buildingwaste Sinotrans and landfill disposal costs of more than 4000 million; output value of 6,000 million. South University of Technology, Shenzhen University campus early demolition works produced nearly one million tons of construction waste is all recycled aggregate, solid bricks, hollow bricks, color Netherlands tiles, water-permeable bricks, square bricks, grass brick, Curb 15 green renewable building materials.

Concrete crushing machinery portable concrete crusher stood up and said a crucial role in the construction waste recycling projects. Italian construction waste disposal equipment, handling equipment is a new crushing and screening equipment, and integration of the vibrating screen, feeder, conveyor belts, primary, secondary and tertiary crusher from. Development of the product user's perspective, for customers to solve a high transport of large equipment and installation costs, greatly reducing the crushing duration. Installation in the form of the mobile concrete crusher of the integration of unit equipment, eliminating the separate components of the complex site infrastructure installation materials, man-hours consumed. Unit is reasonably compact space layout, and enhance the flexibility of the venue stationed. Also reduce the boredom of transportation costs, improve mobility flexibility of the device, greatly improving the adaptability of the outdoor work.

According to the experts said, the use of portable concrete crusher for construction waste recycling, utilization can be tall and more than 95% even higher. China in the construction waste disposal also need to make more effort. The portable concrete crusher wear and tear is small, the reliability is almost unlimited, this is truly a new generation of construction waste crusher. We can only pile up or landfill, can now carry out the processing of resources, this is not a small step forward.

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