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YIFAN Impact Crusher in the aggregate production line

The market for sand and gravel aggregate demand, driven by extensive sand and gravel production equipment sales. Recently, the nation's largest gravel production line contractors Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., crushing equipment entered the sales of gold points, especially the large crusher is highly favored by the market.

It is understood that the Yifan large impact concrete crusher is in the introduction of suction Germany and other advanced foreign technology based, combined with the specific mining conditions of the domestic gravel industry developed a new family of efficient and powerful impact crusher, once launched, create a single output of 1000 tons crushing miracle, market proven large-scale aggregate production line will choose the concrete crusher equipment.

The impact crusher and other equipment, the biggest difference is that it is a selective fragmentation. Under impact, the crushing materials along its most vulnerable aspect of fragmentation, this selective fragmentation method, resorted to the expected uniform particle size, the material was a cube shape, fine materials and low dust content.Occasions need cube particles such as high-grade highway anti-skid road surface, usually the crusher as the end of crusher equipment.

Meanwhile, the less wear and tear of subsection impact crusher wearing parts, impact crusher board hammer wear only in the event of side impact materials, so the metal utilization. However, the impact crusher crushing hammer outside the furnace double-refining technology effectively reduces harmful elements, mixed with the hazards of the material and oxygen, hydrogen, greatly enhance the wear resistance and impact toughness of the steel; and patent Modificator modification, grain refinement, to improve the carbide morphology and distribution, to further improve the wear resistance and strength and toughness, and greatly enhance the abrasion resistance of impact concrete crusher wearing parts, thus saving the cost of replacement parts for our customers, but also to avoid down for maintenance caused by the loss of production.

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