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Simple pendulum and compound pendulum jaw concrete crusher

Jaw concrete crusher can be divided into simple pendulum jaw concrete crusher and compound pendulum jaw concrete crusher:

Compound pendulum jaw concrete crusher is a medium size broken stone in one of the most common crusher equipment. Compound pendulum jaw concrete crusher with the advantages of simple structure, low price, simple operation, strong and durable, easy maintenance and other advantages, has become China's largest production, the most widely used broken equipment.

Compound pendulum jaw concrete crusher jaw actuating principle: is directly hung on the eccentric shaft, as the connecting rod crank connecting rod mechanism, the eccentric shaft eccentric direct drive, the movable jaw whose lower end is hinged with thrust plate support to the posterior wall of frame as the eccentric shaft rotates, the movable jaw on the point of the movement track is composed of suspension points on the circumference of the line ( radius equal eccentricity), gradually downward into oval, more to the lower part of the side, oval, until the bottom and thrust plate connection point trajectory for circular arc. As a result of this machinery in the movable jaw on the point of the movement track is more complex, so the compound swing jaw concrete crusher.

While the simple pendulum jaw concrete crusher principle: the movable jaw hanging on the mandrel, can be used to swing from left to right, when the eccentric shaft rotates, the connecting rod to do reciprocating movement up and down. Driving the two piece of the thrust plate can do reciprocating motion, thereby pushing the movable jaw do about reciprocating motion, broken and unloading. This concrete crusher adopts the crank double linkage mechanism, while the movable jaw by great crushing force, and the eccentric shaft and the connecting rod is less force, so the industry made more mainframe and midrange, used for breaking hard materials. In addition, the jaw concrete crusher on each point of the movement trajectory is the mandrel as the center of the arc, arc radius equal to the distance to the axis of the upper end of the lower circular arc, small, large, breaking efficiency low, the crushing ratio is generally 3-6. due to motion trajectory is simple, so simple swing jaw concrete crusher.

Simple pendulum jaw concrete crusher with simple and compact structure, eccentric shaft transmission parts less force; because the moving jaw vertical displacement is small, processing materials have less excessive broken phenomenon, movable jaw plate wear small.

Compound pendulum jaw concrete crusher with simple pendulum is compared, the advantage is: quality is lighter, less components, compact structure, good crushing cavity filling degree, installed by the block of material is subjected to uniform crushing, be moving jaw is mandatory to launch finished unloading, so the productivity is high, with the specifications of the simple pendulum jaw concrete crusher machine productivity higher than 20-30%; block of material on the movable jaw part of larger upper and lower rolling movement, easy in cube shape discharge, reduces the tilting products such as Jane flaky constituent, better product quality.

Whether the simple pendulum jaw concrete crusher or the compound pendulum jaw concrete crusher, are based on customer production and material fineness to choose, different functions to different crushing effect, the simple pendulum jaw broken can meet our needs, customer purchase amount is bigger, compound pendulum jaw broken in some quality requirements of accuracy is very high customer base in popular.

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