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Large jaw concrete crusher size adjustment optimization desi

The jaw concrete crusher in the crushing machine is the most commonly used one of the devices, in crusher machine specific models of selection to attract more attention, especially in the size and the material fineness on the specific request, in the selection process in order to achieve the efficiency maximization, to share with you the jaw concrete crusher choice skills.

Jaw concrete crusher industry development is swift and violent to promote progress of industry, in the jaw concrete crusher 's selection process, the customer according to their engineering production and material particle size to decide, not blindly choose, usually simple pendulum jaw concrete crusher can meet the needs of the general, compound pendulum jaw concrete crusher by some on product quality higher precision of customers, different jaw crusher to crushing effect is also different.

The jaw concrete crusher is used for a period of time, the particle size becomes larger, an interval of about one month, must readjust, main reason is the movable tooth plate stress transfer to the gear, the gear rotates reversely, causing the movable tooth plate and the fixed tooth plate gap becomes larger.

Adjustment, take out the middle gear, gear to be screwed on both sides evenly, gap adjustment is suitable, then insert into the intermediate gear, and the middle gear up to the location, after improvement, no longer appears larger gap.

In order to ensure the concrete crusher equipment is in good technical position, ready to be put into operation, reduce downtime, improve crusher intact ratio, utilization rate, reduce the crushing machine abrasion, prolong the service life of concrete crusher machine; do regular maintenance, force, correctly handle the relationship between the use of maintenance and repair, not allowed to use only do not raise or take only do not raise.


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