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Yifan Tell You the importance for Maintenance Jaw Crusher

Jaw concrete crusher in the daily operation of wear and tear is inevitable, we have only done regular maintenance can extend the useful life to the maximum, so we in the spindles of the jaw concrete crusher, eccentric shaft and bearing long-termthe maintenance.

First, the shaft wear rarely, only in order to fix its geometry, in the lathe turning, so that the journal to achieve the correct geometry, then reduce the bearing bore diameter. After several such processing, if the journal size than the original 5% smaller, it does not allow re-turning, but should be replaced with new shaft.

Again, jaw concrete crusher impact load bearing on the babbitt lining, duration of work for about two years or so, the deadline, you will need to re-cast. If the eccentric shaft and bearings, spindle and bearing wear, the tip clearance is 1.5 times larger than the original assembly gap, the need to increase the pad adjustment or replacement; oil ditch wear of 1.5 mm, oil groove and adjustments should be re-opened. The gap between the connecting rod head cover and the eccentric shaft, wear and tear is greater than 1.5 times the assembly gap, also need to add a pad to adjust or replace. Babbitt bearing on deep peel or larger abrasions should be re-cast. Bearing quality processed the following requirement: babbitt surface should be uniform in color, luster, silver-white; babbitt surface layer should not be ash, cracks, sand holes, shrinkage and peel phenomenon.

Although these two are very small on the one hand, but the maintenance of the axis of the jaw concrete crusher is very necessary, we will periodically send Commissioner to the customer's site after-sales follow-up survey, to provide our customers to actively cooperate with us investigation, our growth needs your support, in which we express our heartfelt thanks to the long-term support of our customers!

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