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The Solution of Concrete Crusher Overload

Overload problems during operation of the concrete crusher (jaw crusher machine) is a key factor to affect the performance and service life of the equipment, especially the materials during the crushing strength is greater than the crusher crushing strength limit, the lack of adequate overload protection, a verymay cause damage to the equipment can not work properly. Overload protection for concrete crushers (jaw crusher machine), Liming Heavy Industry to Crusher experts cite the following solutions.

1.Hydraulic adjustment system to replace the traditional liner

Traditional liner because of the casting material in the case of overload liner will be the form of a fracture in order to achieve the purpose of protection of crusher parts, but will increase maintenance difficulty, waste of time, increasing the cost of production. Hydraulic adjustment protection system can be perfect to solve the above problem.

2.Eccentric shaft friction drive overload protection

The eccentric shaft using friction drive design, can be very effective overload protection of the concrete crusher eccentric shafts, almost can be achieved not crusher overload and cause damage to the crusher.

3.Other location of the overload of the transmission chain

The jaw concrete crusher load the basic characteristics of the uneven impact load, impact load in the usual case of belt drive, the same would be the motor pulley and drive belt caused a great impact, causing the motor overcurrent, fever, belts and pulleysexcessive wear and tear. Commonly used in motor overload protection is to use the increase in the fluid coupling between the motor and the crusher pulley. The fluid coupling has a strong overload capacity.

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