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Concrete Crusher is Concrete Recycling Essential Tool

Low-frequency vibration so that the fragmentation of the old cement concrete pavement, and then use special compaction machinery RCC formed the rough on the fine gravel layer an approach, sometimes referred to as road gravel and mining in the concrete. The old cement concrete pavement gravel in foreign countries in the 1990s has long been applied, the introduction of the technology from the United States 2002. Break the pressure stabilization technology road surface breaking requires a higher equipment limited by the relatively serious head applicable to concrete crusher equipment how the two kinds of hammer crusher and resonance crusher.

YIFAN Machinery concrete crusher machine performance in the application process:

(1) Fragments of uniform size. Resonance breaking force occurred in the thickness range of the entire cement blocks to enable the work of the hammer to the bottom of the cement blocks uniform rupture. Fine-tune the vibration frequency, you can make the pieces particle size of 8 to 20 cm, ideal size.

(2) Crushing depth can be controlled, to protect the embankment structure within the pipeline facilities intact.

(3) The vibration and noise pollution and light construction range. Resonance concrete crusher used high-frequency low amplitude vibration wave attenuation speed, transmission range is small (2 to 3m) does not affect the road below and the surrounding structures and facilities applicable to the cement pavement of roads, airports, ports, such as urban road rehabilitation works.

(4) By adjusting the vibration frequency and amplitude, resonant depth of crusher operation of up to 66 cm in a day to complete the 2000m or nearly 6400m2 amount of crushing operations, and bicycle paths, job, do not interrupt traffic. Resonant concrete crusher Although the scope of the impact energy transmission is small, little impact on nearby structures, but the broken width.

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