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How to replacing the bearing of large jaw concrete crusher

Jaw concrete crusher is mainly used in various industries, such as mining, smelting, road and railway construction, water conservation and chemical industry etc. The bearing of general large jaw concrete crusher mainly uses the open sliding bearing. The bearing liner is mostly made of Babbitt alloy, the scraping technical of this kind of bearing has a higher requirements. In process of replacing the bearing of large jaw crusher, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. what should we do when remove the old watt of jaw concrete crusher:
  (1) Measure the thickness of the old bush joint surface gasket.

  (2) Measure the levelness of the spindle.

  (3) Examine whether the spindle is smooth or not, and whether it with the defects of rust, bumps and so on or not. If the situation is exist, you should to eliminate it.

  (4) Measure the of the bottom clearance, backlash and end clearance of the bearing bush.

2. In order to prevent happening of the reverse sliding and rotating between the bearing bush and the bearing pedestal when the equipment operation, it generally adopts the pin,sleeve positioning mode.

3. Spindle scraping should meet the required standards of technical.

4. Scraping and grinding the spindle bush. The scraping is generally divided into rough scraping, fine scraping and refined scraping three processes.

5. Reasonable adjust bearing clearance is an important issue, it must meet specified standards. The general adjusting methods include: top clearance adjusting and measuring methods, side gap adjusting and measuring methods, the axial clearance measuring method

6.  When assemble the jaw concrete crusher, clean the bearing bush, shaft, oil collector and lubricating oil pipeline at first. Then   assemble the main bearing, connecting rod    and other components. When testing, actuate the pump, and ensure the amount of fuel supply slightly bigger than that of normal operation. As in the process of    testing does not appear the phenomenon that the temperature is elevated and the current significantly increased, that proves the success of the overhaul, then the    equipment can be used normally.


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