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The Jaw Concrete Crusher Improve the Technical Structure of

The jaw concrete crusher can be used for concrete infrastructure required to aggregate crushing, jaw concrete crusher run for more than a certain period of time, it will often found that the base below the concrete wedge found loosening.

Jaw concrete crusher concrete wedge base damage, short life. Practice has proved that this infrastructure the use of time is very short with the increase of the primary ore, and the initial three years, a year later, the fastest time of six months, and each re-create the required one week on the basis of, the use of a lot of manpower and resources, often repeated in the production of concrete wedge base affect the normal operation of the equipment, reducing the operation rate of equipment, which had a significant impact to the production.

In order to solve the problems of jaw concrete crusher concrete wedge base, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. has made ??many improvements and try, as in the secondary grouting layer above the layer of steel, in order to solve the second filling layerwear; Another example is the increase in the secondary grouting reinforced in order to solve the secondary grouting of cement blocks easy to break, but ultimately did not achieve satisfactory results. Later rubber elastic plate instead of a wedge, rubber elastic pad to pad in between the base bottom and the second contact surface of the filling layer, the use of such programs exist on the basis of concrete wedge three issues have been well resolved, to good effect.

Yifan Machinery R & D and manufacturing new JC jaw crusher is used in six rubber pad as a foundation, and caused a wedge to replace the rubber elastic plate, and after 1 year after the use of the test and found a good use ofdoes not produce the original basis of the problems in the concrete foundation has rubber elastic plate, the role is: ① absorb and defuse the part of the vibration of the equipment, a significant reduction in the vibration and reciprocating string momentum; ②body not in direct contact with the concrete layer, eliminating the concrete layer is easy to wear addiction disease, thus avoiding the bolt loose. Due to the improvement of the above two issues, greatly increasing the reliability and stability of equipment operation. Obtain such a feasible program, will promote the application of the program to the whole plant of the other three jaw concrete crusher.

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