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Yifan JC jaw crusher to solve construction waste recycling

Construction waste handling and application of technological processes of construction waste economy, rational, scientific separated into the various building materials products, raw materials, production technology and new building materials standards to produce high value-added products. Recently, after Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co. study found that, through technological innovation, the jaw concrete crusher can be used for construction waste recycling and reuse, and launched a new professional JC jaw concrete crusher equipment, which greatly broadens the jaw concrete crusher broken field.

New professional JC jaw concrete concrete crusher equipment, building materials production technology standards of construction waste disposal industry, construction waste is not garbage, but misplaced the location of resources, construction waste crusher, can be transformed into a "green building materials, construction waste is converted intothe building material is the best embodiment of the circular economy. With the rapid development of science and technology, construction waste into building materials technology will become increasingly mature. The cost will be getting lower and lower.

Yifan Machinery new professional JC jaw concrete crusher equipment, improvements and refinements to get on the structural basis of the traditional jaw concrete crusher. The new professional JC jaw concrete crusher equipment nip angle design theory, to optimize the body cavity, by an electronic computer to complete the cavity to optimize the design, finite element analysis, optimization models designed to reinforcement of the weak link. Cavity deep cavity hyperboloid form. Negative support to take on the structure, zero suspension, a small eccentricity put high-frequency deep cavity match, to obtain a high processing capacity, low wear, low-power, large crushing ratio of outstanding performance.

Yifan Machinery of the new professional JC jaw concrete crusher equipment, construction waste processing and application technology, the use of domestic stereotypes of mineral processing equipment, combined with the characteristics of construction waste will be different mineral processing equipment technology combination, by the programmable controlautomatic control system, the separation processing of construction waste, the process can be characterized according to the characteristics of construction waste composition, brick, concrete, sand and gravel material, sediment, an sorting, and then sortingproducts, classification applications, processed into the building using recycled aggregate, building mortar raw materials, concrete three-hole bricks, building with straw burning brick. Utilization of construction waste can be up to 100%. The Yuzhou mechanical construction waste comprehensive utilization of the products are mainly used in construction of renewable gravel three-hole bricks, mortar materials and concrete construction.

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