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Analysis of Jaw Concrete Crusher

The jaw concrete crusher(Concrete Pulverizer) is a crusher family, which is characterized by the principle is simple, convenient and cost-effective to highlight the preferred models of coarse crushing regarded as a mineral processing equipment in the practice of a number of selected plant. Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. in the production of the jaw concrete crusher has accumulated years of experience and its jaw and broken bearing the design of full adoption of advanced wear-resistant materials and protection.
Recently the Yifan engineers are also actively involved in the jaw gap motor driven IC precise control of test and research, and strive to provide more automation, more prominent performance of mineral processing equipment for the majority of machinery and equipment downstream plants.

Of jaw concrete crusher working chamber of the movable jaw and the fixed jaw to withstand the friction of the huge breaking force and materials, easy to wear out, in order to protect the jaw, Yifan Machinery safety and the resistance of the surface of the movable jaw and fixed jawmill liner, this liner called the broken plate. Broken the surface of the plate is usually made ??of the tooth, broken tooth peaks, board angle of 90 ° to 120 °, its size is determined by the nature of the materials being broken and block, crushing the bulk material, the angle to be bigger; crushing small block of material, the angle can be smaller. The size of the pitch depends on the granularity of the product is usually taken approximately equal to the width of the discharge port, than desirable tooth height and pitch of 1/2 ~ 1/3.

The work of the board two parts wear is not the same speed, the lower wear out faster than the upper, broken, broken plates in the jaw concrete crusher, direct contact with the material to withstand the tremendous crushing force and the friction of the material, crushing the life of the board is directly related to the jaw concrete crusher work efficiency and production costs, therefore, extend the life of the jaw concrete crusher broken board is particularly important. Strengthen jaw broken broken plate life can be considered in terms of design, material selection, assembly and use in the process of improvement.

At design time, move the jaw and fixed jaw broken board should toothed peaks teeth Valley. , Broken on the material in addition to compression, as well as bending, the material is more easily broken. In order to enhance the life of the broken plate, small and medium-sized crusher broken board into the shape of the upper and lower symmetry, the moment the Ministry of wear and tear can turn around and use; large jaw concrete crusher broken board designed to be symmetrical with each other a few pieces, so that wear can be broken board swap use. The broken plate material can be selected white cast iron. White cast iron hardness larger, better wear resistance, the source is easy, cheap; drawback is that is brittle and easily broken, life is short. In order to improve the service life of the broken plate, the materials used in more than 12% of manganese-manganese steel better common of ZGMn13.

Manganese steel, toughness, hardness is not high (approximately 210HB), but because of the work hardening characteristics under pressure will continue to be strengthened, so continue to wear at work and continue to strengthen until the wear and tear can not be used was scrapped. . Rapid cooling in the water after the manganese steel crushing plate casting by tough water treatment, water toughening operating largely quenching the same, namely, the casting out of the manganese steel crushing plate heated to 1000 ~ 1100 ℃. Water toughening treatment can be a uniform microstructure, and microstructure of fixed, to avoid leaving degrades the performance of phase change in the use of naturally occurring. The shortcomings of manganese steel is more expensive, but the service life, cost and other aspects of general considerations of ZGMn13 than white cast iron long life and low cost.

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