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Concrete Crusher job usually points several stages

In Concrete Crusher broken process, in order to avoid after crushing and reduce costs, must strive to do the "do no redundant meaningless broken". Will large particle size ore, a crushing the needed fineness, is impossible, must be amplified.
In a mining, Concrete Crusher generally USES two segments or three sections of broken. According to the different Concrete Crusher product size, broken can be roughly divided into:
1) Concrete Crusher crushing: feed size of 15 ~ 500 mm, crushing to 400 ~ 125 millimeter;
2) Concrete Crusher crushing: feed size for 400 ~ 125 millimeter, crushing to 100 ~ 50mm;
3) Concrete Crusher finely: feed size for 100 ~ 50mm, crushing to 25 ~ 5 millimeter;

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