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YIFAN Concrete Crusher to Support Construction Waste Recycli

Construction wastes in many waste by sorting, removing or crushed, most of the re-use can be used as renewable resources, such as brick, stone, concrete and other waste are crushed, can be used for masonry mortar, plastering mortarfight the concrete bedding, etc., can also be made by further processing blocks, a variety of recycled brick, wall decorative materials, building materials products.

Construction wastes, disposal of resources, to generate the use of renewable materials and products, to achieve waste utilization, but it is particularly important, which is also the residue of resources and disposal of core areas.Disposal of enterprises using the crushing and screening of complete sets of machinery and equipment for disposal of construction wastes, through the winnowing, magnetic initial screening of waste plastic, wood, scrap steel, etc. After several broken handle, and the remaining residue intosizes of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and fine soil.

The construction waste recycling is becoming the emerging hot market, construction waste recycling can not be separated from the support of the construction waste disposal equipment. Order to better serve construction waste recycling, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., on the basis of years of sand production line equipment R & D, and finally launched the first construction waste disposal equipment - portable concrete plant. Yifan Machinery pioneered portable concrete plant construction waste disposal equipment, based on integrated units through the integration of convenient construction waste crushing. Sorting of construction waste containing iron material removed after a specific device in addition to iron, rough broken, broken, and even crushing equipment, crushing of renewable Aggregates processed into a certain size, and finally applied to the roadbed stone, unburned brick, cement admixtures, and many other aspects.

YIFAN construction waste disposal equipment to create high efficiency, high-return, the operation of the device technology easy to learn, without having to assemble the complex process of supporting facilities, mobile mode of operation is simple, the simple training of workers to job. Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. has launched three series of construction waste disposal equipment: stationary concrete recycling plant, portable concrete plant and tracked concrete crusher.

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