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With the progress of society, modern society, people have realized the tremendous value of construction waste, construction waste disposal and recycling use has become popular in the community to set off small recycling boom. In fact, a variety of ways of recycling of construction waste, construction waste to produce recycled aggregate is used widely in a way that made ??the product can be widely used in building and road construction and other fields.

At present, a construction waste recycling equipment on the market - portable concrete plant has been the popularization of a right-hand man of the field of construction waste recycling and processing. Depth tracking found the device in 2007, exclusively developed by Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd., has been put into the market, they received wide acclaim and praise, and construction waste resources on the road to a "dark horse" . Learned that the company has developed a technology for construction waste disposal a series of equipment, including concrete crusher, concret recycling equipment, concrete plant, concrete pulverize and portable concrete plant.

The process of aggregate processing line, construction waste must be to smash the traditional gravel production lines generally require foundations to do the steel frame and so on, demanding jobsites, and the configuration process time-consuming, wasting time andmanpower. In recent years, mobile crushing plant with its compact size, flexible and convenient mode of transport is widely in the construction of waste disposal industry applications. Mobility of portable concrete plant, convenient construction waste processing, not only facilitate the crushing operation, greatly saving operating time, improve work efficiency.

Construction waste disposal and resource recycling has an important social significance, have played a positive role in social development and environmental protection. Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., the production of portable concrete plant, due to its configuration and diverse, transportation is convenient, widely used in highways, railways, hydropower projects and liquidity stone, Yifan Machinery has always been to market as a new kind of crushing equipment demand for a socially responsible responsibility, through continuous efforts to develop a batch after batch of excellent products to the benefit of customers and society.

The biggest advantage of the the YIFAN portable concrete plant is good mobility and can reduce the space occupied, equipment installation, material handling, industrial electric and manual operation, and other costs. Reason to believe that flexible, environmentally friendly and efficient portable concrete plant can not only help build our country "resource-saving and environment-friendly" two-oriented society will also be open for a better tomorrow of the gravel aggregate processing in China and construction waste disposal industry The broad market prospect.

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