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CH Series impact crusher - saving new recommendations

There are Many types of crusher, customers always buy crusher machine according to their own needs, to decide what kind of crushing equipment. Among the many products in the crusher,impact crushers application of the most widely used because it is the most wear, most economical. After the market, whether it is construction or road construction projects, to aggregate all have higher requirements, and the quality requirements are increasingly stringent.
imapct crushers

Yifan company developed the latest model CH series impact crusher in the traditional crusher on, the use of more high-quality wear parts and sheet, improve efficiency to reduce costs, without replacing other components, you can from broken equipment into two chambers three-chamber crushing equipment for customers to reduce costs, counter plate board hammer gap can be adjusted to control, so the particulate will be better, and most importantly, increased feed, structure is relatively simple, increased production capacity, convenience and energy saving.

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