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How to prolong the service life of wearing parts

Crushers are used to deal with hard stone materials, it will be certainly scuffed during working ,especially the wearing parts .If these wearing parts doesn't work smoothly ,they will surly affect the whole production process .So it is very important to choose wear-resistant material and pay attention to the protection of wearing parts. To prolong the service life of wearing parts is actually to prolong the service life of crushers .Here YIFAN Machinery will tell you how to protect wearing parts of crushers :

concrete crusher

First,you have to pay attention to daily operation skills  The wearing parts of jaw crusher are mainly jaw plate and side fender;wearing parts of impact crushers are mainly rotor and plate hammer;wear parts of cone crusher are mainly rolling acetabular wall and broken walls ,etc . Correct operation can effectively reduce the wear loss,prolong the life time of wear parts .Take the jaw crusher for instance,you should check the nuts, bolts frequently to prevent further wearing and jaw plate loose or broken, so as to extend the life of jaw plate, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Secondly,choose suitable crusher type for different materials .There are various kinds of crushing equipments with different models .We should know different materials have different physical and chemical properties which determines their wear differences .For example,if we use impact crusher to quartzite ,the hammer is prone to breakage ,in this case ,we should choose cone crusher .Every manufacturer or user should make sure they choose the most suitable crusher type so as to prolong its service life .

Last but not least ,it is the quality of wearing parts themselves . You'd better buy these wearing parts from manufacturers with big brand and strong strength ,try to obtain their users' feedback in order to select the best wear parts .

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