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Yifan Crusher for technical improvements

Yifan Machinery has been a leading large-scale domestic crusher equipment R & D and production base , in order to promote the development of mining machinery industry has made tremendous contributions outstanding , the constant introduction of new products is leading to the development of China's mining machinery industry trend. As one of crusher ore processing in a variety of common crusher equipment . Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. In order to comply with the development requirements of the times , with the goal of energy-saving environmental protection , research, design and production of a new series of energy saving crusher equipment.
   The new crusher performance is very powerful , it uses the latest manufacturing technology , the unique structural design, processing of the finished cube was no tension and cracks , grain shape is quite good. Is widely used in various ore crushing , railway , highway , energy, cement, chemical , construction and other industries.
  1 , Yifan Machinery and rotor structure of the board hammer crusher were greatly improved , and optimize the crushing chamber structure , improved back-breaking hardness of the ore crushing capacity , improved back-breaking ore crushing rate and capacity utilization , maintenance is more convenient.
  2, the new crusher with high wear resistance and high toughness of the new board hammer materials, which greatly improves the life of the board hammer , improved back-breaking productivity.
  3, to improve the normalization and development of large-scale crusher , more effective adaptation of the market and customer needs.
  4 , adhere to independent innovation, and get rid of the traditional back-breaking single introduction and imitation , making back-breaking and more user-friendly design , process more creative and practical.
    The new crusher has a low content of fine powder and dust , suitable for vertical mill operation ; low running costs, low investment costs ; small size, low static and dynamic load values ​​, can effectively reduce construction costs ; required motor power is low, can effectively reduce device power consumption , reduce equipment operating costs ; vulnerability of long life, low long-term operating costs.

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