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Comparison of impact crusher and jaw crusher

      Called the vertical impact crusher broken , is another name for Sand . Impact crusher crushing body use high-speed movement of the material to be broken , and the impact of material moving at high speed to a fixed wall crushing and impact shocks each campaign materials. Impact crusher for crushing mainly dynamic load , the effect is better than the static load . When the impact crusher work , materials being large enough instantaneous impact , if dynamic load exceeds the fatigue limit that is broken. Repeated Impact crushing materials to reduce stress when needed . Therefore , a low-power high-frequency impact crusher , crushing ratio, too little crush . Compared with jaw crusher , has the following advantages:

  First, crushing ratio is small, impact crusher crushing ratio can reach more than fifty , and jaw crusher is difficult to over twenty . So, you need a single stage crushing occasions, such as the cement industry, limestone crusher , impact crusher using very common.

  Second, good particle products , the role of impact , the material to be broken often rupture along the most vulnerable layers of this selective fragmentation method, the particles were highest probability cube shape , so the impact crusher machine needles flake percentage content can be less than 10% , while the percentage of broken products flakiness content jaw crusher will be higher than 15 percent. So, when you need the product side particles , such as anti-skid road surface is higher impact crusher adopts as a final crushing equipment to produce concrete aggregate .

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