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Jaw crusher can improve product quality coal gangue brick

In recent years , machinery and equipment continue to regime change, the various models of jaw crusher on the market continue to emerge. Jaw crusher wide range of applications , we often use and acknowledged crushing equipment, superior performance, reasonable structure, but compared to other types of investment costs are lower crusher , stone crusher in the field is the most widely used crushing equipment.
It is understood that the "party of eighteen lot of ' resource -saving and environment -friendly society to make significant progress ' as an important goal, proposed to focus on promoting green development, development cycle , low-carbon development , the formation of conserving resources and protecting spatial pattern of the environment, industry structure , production, lifestyles , and vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization , and strive to build ' a beautiful China ' environmental Pollution in China 's coal industry is more serious in an industry , if we can effectively control the coal mining and processing , with re-use and other aspects of biological processing problems , we can achieve a resource-saving environmental protection purposes.
Combined with major energy group active coal mine thin , gas high , the actual mine water large by coal mining - development and utilization of mine gas recycling industry chain of coal mining - mine water - water purification - reuse recycling industry chain , coal mining - Coal - new building materials conversion cycle , gangue brick heat - gas generating heat - heat utilization and other industrial chain of construction, protection of mineral resources , intensive exploitation , utilization of waste , eat dry pressing net and build resource utilization and extending circular economy industrial system .
For a long time , China's coal industry efforts to explore effective ways of gangue comprehensive utilization , the researchers found that the use of coal gangue gangue brick is one important way of turning waste into treasure . After a series of processes gangue after jaw crusher , impact crusher , milling machine, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder , etc., can greatly improve the efficiency of coal gangue brick and product quality. Using this technology to produce coal gangue, fly ash porous load-bearing bricks, hollow bricks gravity , intensity, noise, heat and other indicators are much better than traditional clay bricks , technically achieve the energy , waste recycling , environmental protection and other technical support .

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