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YIFAN Equipment effective use the "second resource" of construction industry

In fact, construction waste is the "second resource" of construction industry. As an important part of the building materials industry to achievethe circular economy, construction waste recycling, regeneration and utilization has a great significance.
Construction waste as the product of the city metabolism used to be a burden on the urban development, many cities in the world had rubbish besieged city situation. According to statistics, up to 400 tons of construction waste produced annually in Beijing. Stacked at a height of 5 meters, 10,000 tons of construction waste will be an area of 2 acres, 400 tons of construction waste annually to an area of 800 acres. This figure can not help but shocking.

construction waste recycling

YIFAN construction waste recycling equipment portable concrete crusher is ideal for construction waste crushing equipment, and its excellent performance has also been recognized by the majority of users. The construction waste portable concrete crusher with mobility, flexibility, and it installed tires, can enter the construction site crushing, flexible, convenient, fast, safe, efficient, and save the cost.  

construction waste recycling

YIFAN mobile construction waste recycling equipment design concept aims to stand on the position, and elimination of the construction waste crushing site, environment and complex based configuration and complex as the primary solution. If you are interested the construction waste recycling equipment. YIFAN Machinery experienced engineers and salesmen are always waiting for you! Limited cool price and free technical support is available for you! Please feel free to contact YIFAN senior engineer or send e-mail to us for detailed limestone crushing machine information.

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