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Concrete crusher promote the environmental protection development

At present, the data show that the United States spent nearly 100 years perfected the construction waste disposal hundred percent utilization. Obviously, we can not wait for 100 years, the status of the city surrounded by garbage prompted city building department to take extraordinary move, use creative thinking in urban construction waste recycling problem.
The best way to deal with construction waste is construction waste comprehensive utilization, and it requires a complete industrial chain of construction waste recycling. How to achieve industrial chain of construction waste recycling? The government's attitude, ideas and formulate relevant laws and regulations are indispensable.

Construction Waste Recycling

Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a collection development, research, manufacturing as one of professional construction waste recycling equipment manufacturers. In order to achieve economic and environmental double earnings, they continuously upgrading for construction waste recycling equipment. The construction waste recycling equipment mainly inludes concrete crusher, jaw concrete crusher, impact concrete crusher, cone concrete crusher, portable concrete crusher and tracked concrete crusher etc.

Construction Waste Recycling

The construction waste recycling equipment portable concrete crusher is set by the material, crushing, transmission, processing, reprocessing technology and equipment as one, by the different devices combined into a set of production and processing line. To deal effectively with solid waste concrete, waste bricks, tiles, scrap steel, wood and other construction industry waste, transformed them into recycled coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. At present, most of the region has recycled aggregate production.

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