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Accelerate the construction waste recycling

For construction waste disposal, the most effective way is through the technology to do local reuse and recycling of construction waste. Under normal circumstances, the construction waste treatment resources can be divided into "lower treatment resources and advanced treatment resources. Low-level resource processing "includes sorting, sort of metal, wood, plastic and other substances directly recycled; and the brick, concrete, asphalt concrete and other substances can be advanced use, including the the production aggregate and the new wallbody materials.

construction waste recycling

Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a collection development, research, manufacturing as one of professional construction waste concrete recycling equipment manufacturers. In order to achieve economic and environmental double earnings, we continuously upgrading for construction waste concrete recycling equipment. 
YIFAN Machinery production of construction waste recycling equipment for construction waste disposal has good effect, and has increased the useful life of the building, construction techniques are constantly upgrading and improvement. So how can we achieve the purpose of restricting the growth of construction waste?

construction waste recycling

The construction waste recycling equipment mobile concrete crusher is set by the material, crushing, transmission, processing, reprocessing technology and equipment as one, by the different devices combined into a set of production and processing line. To deal effectively with solid waste concrete, waste bricks, tiles, scrap steel, wood and other construction industry waste, transformed them into recycled coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. At present, most of the region has recycled aggregate production.
YIFAN mobile construction waste recycling equipment is of feeding, conveying, crushing, secondary crushing, fine crushing, screening, dust removal and other technology as one of the highly integrated, modular crushing processing complete sets equipment.

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