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Construction waste recycling equipment has become the star equipment

With the depth of the development of China's economic construction, the Chinese government is starting to focus on urban construction waste processing, implementation of construction waste reduction, recycling, and vigorously develop circular economy development concept, issued a series of policies to support the construction waste, increase education and publicity efforts to promote the construction waste recycling. Obviously, the construction waste recycling equipment has become the star of our society equipment.

construction waste recycling

The YIFAN construction waste recycling equipment can deal comprehensively with the urban construction waste,including all the garbage left behind by new residential areas, all waste generated by the demolition of existing homes all garbage, decoration and construction sites mixing station generated waste sludge, waste. In the process, after the processing of construction waste in cement, bricks, hollow bricks and other building materials, nails and other recyclable materials will be made into the recycling.
In recent years, the construction waste recycling equipment has become an important branch of the mining machinery industry, to promote energy conservation, environmental protection, efficiency, and building a sustainable society, the construction waste concrete recycling equipment can be described as of great significance, and provides a more secure protection to the development of China's green.

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