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YIFAN concrete crusher achieve the construction waste into resources

It is understood that the dumping garbage not only take up a lot of land, serious pollution of the environment, the accumulation of a large number of construction waste will also destroy the soil structure, resulting in surface subsidence. Many sulfate ions contained in the waste gypsum of the construction waste, these sulfate ions to chemical change by the action of the ozone into hydrogen sulfide, waste paper board and waste timber accumulation for a long time also can produce volatile substances, these harmful substances emissions into the air will poses a serious threat affect people's health, therefore, the promotion of the construction waste recycling equipment must be accelerated.

Construction Waste Recycling
Construction Waste Recycling

Today, the most widely used of our construction waste recycling equipment is Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery R & D and production of concrete crusher equipment. This series of construction waste recycling equipment to overcome the many shortcomings of the fixed construction waste recycling equipment, and to further improve the efficiency of production, it is the most stable, the most efficient environmentally friendly equipment. The construction waste recycling equipment promote the use of renewable building materials industry has been developing rapidly, the use of recycled building materials provides a lot of convenience to the environmental work.
YIFAN Machinery construction waste recycling  equipment can easily achieve the construction waste into resources, not only has great environmental benefits, but will also generate enormous economic benefits. A lot of waste in the construction waste sorting, removed or crushed, most of them can be used as the re-use of renewable resources. At present, the construction waste recycling equipment has hot start in Beijing, Shandong, Shenzhen, Yunnan, Xinjiang region. With the growing importance of the government departments of environment construction, construction waste recycling equipment will soon usher in a more robust national policy support and a broad market space.

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