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Construction waste recycling project made recycled brick

Resources survey shows that the vast majority of the major urban areas of Chongqing, construction waste take accumulation, buried. Although the existing urban area of construction waste dumping ground for 30 places, due to the lack of unified planning and specification management, construction waste indiscriminate dumping Dumping a very serious problem. This is not only seriously affect the appearance of the city and the surrounding ecological environment of the city, but also greatly hindered the implementation of the process of promoting urban construction and urban planning.

Construction Waste Recycling

Construction waste contains a lot of paint bucket, polystyrene board, polyester board, waste paint coatings and insulation materials, over a long period of sun and rain, will break down and release a lot of toxic and hazardous substances, causing the surrounding soil, groundwater and surface waterserious pollution. For create green urban construction, the Chongqing municipal government is highly concerned about building garbage treatment and resource utilization, some local building waste treatment plants is scrambling to find a new way  for construction waste recycling.

Construction Waste Recycling

In the country, construction waste recycling project has been carried out in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Kunming and other regions have much more efficient. Use advanced mobile crushing plant crushing of a variety of construction waste, add the active ingredient mixing and molding of three processes, can be made of a variety of standard bricks, road bricks and building blocks. This short process, unburned, investment, quick, no secondary pollution, have good social and economic benefits. The construction waste recycling project to make up for the deficiencies of the traditional production process, can be recycled, products directly to use construction waste material, the process is simple, high-quality products have great market prospects.

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