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YIFAN construction waste recycling equipment to promote the central economic environmental development

Kunming University doctoral tutor Professor Zhang Zhaoshu once said: "there is no garbage in the world, only misplaced resources." Construction waste is placed in the wrong place resources. It is learned that, under normal circumstances, Zhengzhou City, the number of construction waste generated in the year on more than 500 million tons, with the demolition and renovation of Urban Village in Zhengzhou City in the past two years, will produce more construction waste. In today's growing emphasis on environmental protection, energy conservation society, a lot of construction waste is a growing need to be rationalized and absorption.

Construction Waste Recycling

The advent of products called the construction waste recycling equipment can quickly help construction waste treatment resources in Zhengzhou City. According to reporters understand the enterprises to be able to produce such a device, the only Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd., a company more professional. Reporter interviewed Yifan company's sales director, he has to tell the secret weapon of the unknown potential of the company construction waste recycling technology. Director Zhang said: "only through the separation process of construction waste processing, is the real use of the material. Otherwise, the only construction waste crushing out, and it's still garbage". And there is only Yifan company have the technology in China.

Construction Waste Recycling

In order to boost the development of Zhengzhou City Construction waste recycling, the YIFAN Machinery and Shengtian environmental company have strategic cooperation. Currently, Shengtian environmental commissioned the construction waste recycling production line equipment that is fully sponsored by YIFAN Machinery. In 2013, the Zhengzhou Yifan companies will continue to provide technical support to Shengtian environmental companies to establish branch in Zhengzhou City.

Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shengtian environmental companies to establish strategic cooperation will contribute to the construction waste recycling industry resources development of Henan Province, and achieve the environmental development of the Central Plains Economic Zone.

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