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Construction waste recycling equipment will occupy a more im

Construction waste recycling equipment will occupy a more important position

According to statistics, the the YIFAN construction waste recycling equipment to promote the use, the new environmentally friendly building materials will become the main force of China's major construction projects, Construction waste will no longer be a serious burden for China's economic development, construction waste recycling equipment in the future economic development will occupy a more important position.

Yifan Machinery portable concrete crusher plant and stone production line can be reprocessed construction waste into aggregates , and with the mobile brick machine, construction waste on-site will be able to become in line with the transfer, even some construction waste processing through the stone line, compliance with building sand, can be re-made in line with the road building with stones, stones.

Construction waste brickmaking greatly reduce the cost of raw materials, saving sources and transportation costs, reduce the cost of brick-making machine, great profit margins in the period, coupled with the strong support of national policies, the construction waste concrete recycling equipment for the social construction notindelible contribution.

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