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The environmental regeneration highway opened to traffic

The environmental regeneration highway opened to traffic to promote the development of the construction waste disposal equipment

Recently, Shaanxi Province opened to traffic an unusual highway, that's the Campenon Expressway Extension Project of Xi'an to Xingping Section. This highway created by construction waste recycled materials, it's a first example in Shaanxi Province. The highway used of Xi'an Fanggong area more than 30 'construction waste. Construction waste recycled aggregate after construction waste recycling equipment, the project not only saves capital investment, but also become a model for new eco-friendly construction.

construction waste recycling

Construction waste recycling problem has been a problem in the development of the modern city. After a long practice, the new YIFAN mobile concrete crusher construction waste disposal equipment was developed and launched. It's most significant improvement is not processing efficiency, but is the use of construction waste disposal recycled aggregate. New construction waste recycling equipment put into use, construction waste is once again put into use as new building materials. Construction waste disposal equipment fully achieve the purpose of the environmental processing, therefore, the new construction waste disposal equipment quickly accepted by major cities.

In the construction waste disposal equipment market, the most popular is Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery PP series mobile concrete crusher. This series of construction waste recycling equipment to meet with a national audience in CCTV, can be described as a star in the industry, and it's the preferred construction waste disposal equipment.

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