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Construction waste disposal industry development direction

Our research applications in the infancy stage of construction waste, involving regulations, policy, technology, management, the social environment, and basic research lag in construction waste recycling and more emphasis on "harmless" and the lack of detailed resource requirements and regulations, however, how to Treatment of construction waste has become a colossal task related to the city of the 21st century can not be ignored and the government faced an urgent need to solve the problem.

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In order to effectively solve construction waste, YIFAN Machinery based on years of crushing equipment developed  dedicated to the production of construction waste recycling equipment. At present, YIFAN construction waste recycling equipment is mainly divided into two categories of portable concrete crusher station and fixed concrete crusher station. YIFAN Machinery newly developed portable concrete crusher station according to the source of raw materials to use to select the best production base, usage was according stone, in several site turnover or several sets of equipment in the shortest time to gather concentrate feed, reducing equipment idle time; installation, repair, maintenance, and performance in the field of construction waste has a good brand image and technological advantages in the industry.

YIFAN Machinery have a number of sets of construction waste recycling processing equipment "used in Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Hangzhou and other domestic cities. Construction waste recycling processing equipment at the construction site at the same time screening out the four kinds of different size, building materials used to make bricks, paving the way for urban construction waste recycling rate of 90%. To achieve the unity of the social, environmental and economic benefits.

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