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Professional achievements of the brand

Portable concrete crusher realize great-leap-forward develop

Since 2000,Zhengzhou YIFAN combined enterprise development and market development,in the market,YiFan machinery company in order to improve the yield and stable quality as the goal,optimized old equipments such as crushers,sand making machies,portable concrete crusher and construction waste disposal equipments."YIFAN" brand crushers's market share gradually enlarged,becoming the new benefit growth in our country mining machinery industry.

portable concrete crusher
Since city construction is developing, the building garbage disposal problem increasingly get the attention of people. More and more relevant personage start to discuss construction concrete recycling problem,how to disposal construction waste in better,efficient,feasible way,can both protect environment and recycle use resource.
YIFAN  construction waste portable concrete crusher win the high favor of customers by its good performance. The "mobile crushing, material nearby processing" characteristics in architectural garbage disposal operations got perfect embodiment. YIFAN portable concrete crusher can not be limited by working site, it can according to crushing work need for mobile crushing, but also according to different crushing work for the recombination of equipment, to achieve crushing efficiency maximum.

Portable concrete crusher produced by YIFAN create many first:1.Is the first set of  high-tech products combineing move and screen.2.Is the first one portable concrete crusher using hydraulic technology products.3.Is the first set of independent development of the civil building garbage recycling system, make up for the vacancy can only rely on imported equipment.

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