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The portable concrete crusher to solve the waste disposal pr

Portable concrete crusher construction waste is turning waste into treasure.In fact,a lot of waste in the construction waste by sorting,removing or professional construction waste disposal equipment crushed,most of them can re-use of renewable resources,such as scrap steel, scrap wire,scrap wire and all kinds of scrap parts and other metal sorting, focus,re-melted, you can re-processing of manufacturing into a variety of steel .Waste timber bamboo can be used in the manufacture of artificial wood.Brick, stone, concrete and other waste are crushed , may be able to sand for masonry mortar , plastering mortar , hit the concrete bedding , etc., can also be used to make block to Shop Tao brick , flower grid bricks and other building materials .

portable concrete crusher

The YIFAN Machinery efforts to build the city 's construction waste disposal equipment, portable concrete crusher , construction waste recycling concrete cities around the world to get a good improvement since the portable concrete crusher listed.Construction waste as most of the solid waste,usually in the process of building or old building maintenance,the removal process generated mainly by the soil, sediment , scattered mortar and concrete,tick chisel to produce brick and broken concrete piling under the cut the composition of the waste,all kinds of packaging materials and other waste generated by the reinforced concrete pile head,metal,bamboo wood,decoration .A long time,  recycling concrete did not pay sufficient attention , usually without any treatment,the construction unit will be transported to the countryside or rural areas,the use of open dumps or landfill processing, not only consume a large amount of land acquisition costs , rubbish removal transport and construction funding removed and stacked in the process of Yisa and dust,gray sand flying has also caused serious environmental pollution.
The YIFAN Machinery willing to recognize the existence of these problems with them targeted to overcome , our city 's future development is not good . Portable concrete crusher mainly contain portable cone crushers, portable jaw crushers,portable impact crushers and so on.Compact structure, stable performance, screening equipment adopts 20 ° inclination, screening is efficient and reliable.

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