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Zhenghou YIFAN researched and developed construction waste disposal equipment--portable concrete crusher.Zhenghzou YIFAN portable concrete crusher has the world advanced technology.It can preliminary treatment building garbage , for construction waste comprehensive utilization good solid foundation.Zhengzhou YIFAN can base on different requirements to disposal construction waste gravel aggre.gate and brick materials,road materials,easy operational maintenance.
When it comes to city mining,many people don't understand,how come inside of the city has mining?In fact, city mining refers to construction waste. City construction waste in the very great degree is impeding the urban development. If we can not make use it well,it will pollute the environment.But if it is made use of,it will become the new type city resources.
Construction waste crushed by portable concrete crusher can be used as concrete raw materials, sand aggregates;Also can be used as a ground tiles of the brick materials; Also can be used as roadbed of the road-building materials.So construction waste is not garbage,in the process of turning construction waste into treasure,portable concrete crusher play an important role,portable concrete crusher must help the development of city mining.

Portable concrete crusher is widely used in construction waste concrete recycling,road, bridge construction, open coal mining, coal iron ore mine, etc. A high degree of automation, convenient operation is simple, cover an area of an area small, portable concrete crusher price is reasonable, which greatly satisfy the needs of the market, favored by a large number of customers.

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