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At present, with the city civilization construction,the increased construction waste garbage accounted for about 30% of the total 40%.How to solve the problem of construction waste garbage is the most urgent theme.
Zhengzhou YIFAN launched construction waste disposal equipment--portable concrete crusher,regeneration building materials crushed by portable concrete crusher have wide application.According to the grain size, can be used as a wall plaster materials, roadbed backfill materials, block etc building materials raw materials and recycled concrete aggregate.Building garbage recycling is a green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction new technology,it both improve construction quality,and redece the pollution to the city.Realing the conbination of economic benefit and environmental protection.

Demand has market, large crushing equipment was born.We refer the large crushing equipment is 1000*1200 sand plant,1200*1500 portable concrete crusher,1515 impact portable concrete crusher,1818 impact portable concrete crusher and construction waste disposal equipments.The production capacity per hour more than traditional crushing equipment a times or more times the mine crushing equipment.
Zhengzhou YIFAN construction waste disposal equipment is develoed on the basis of portable concrete crusher,it combine the crushing equipment and screening equipment.Mobile crusers is convenient and easy,it need not to spend a large amount of time on base installation.In addition,portable concrete crusher should be made according to the requirement of customers, fully meet the requirements of customers to the finished product.

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