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Construction waste production of recycled aggregate is currently one of the main ways of international construction waste do regenerated. Construction waste after preliminary classification processing, sorting out some of the steel and wood, then masonry, concrete crushing into aggregate, after the screening process can be obtained with the use of the value of construction materials. Add cement and fly ash and other accessories, adding that part of the water stirred in aggregate, a different building and road construction products, these products can replace ordinary aggregate for road base.

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In addition, the use of construction garbage mountain landscape is also one of the main ways of reuse in Tianjin, Puyang also an instance of the use of construction garbage into artificial hill, and these artificial mountain scenery, has become the people's daily play a large park landscape.

Regardless of the way to deal with construction waste, construction waste disposal concrete recycling equipment is essential. Construction waste disposal equipment mainly large concrete crusher, portable concrete crusher is a new type of construction waste disposal equipment. On the basis of the original crusher portable concrete crusher, the installation of the drive unit, there are two kinds of tires portable concrete crusher and crawler portable concrete crusher, and the body can also configure the screening equipment made ??set of crushing and screening as one of the mobile crushing and screening station. The successful launch of the construction waste disposal equipment is the gospel of the construction waste disposal market, large construction waste processing equipment, and no longer need to worry about how crushing construction waste.

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