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Portable concrete crusher to achieve 80% of concrete convers

Portable concrete crusher to achieve 80% of concrete conversion

At present, China is in a period of economic construction and development, a large number of high-rise buildings built behind this is a lot of construction waste. Urban construction waste is nowhere to be inverted, and the face of a steady stream of garbage transported and mountains of construction waste, YIFAN Machinery through years of research and actual production, been developed for construction waste concrete recycling portable concrete crusher, portable concrete crusher without geographical control, energy efficient construction waste concrete recycling most effective method.

A local construction company in Shenzhen through the YIFAN Machinery portable concrete crusher, introduction of comprehensive utilization project at the construction site of a local university construction waste resource site came into being, the site crushing, brick-making. The project of the University situ digestion, the scene to deal with the the construction waste conversion rate can reach 80% or more, the new method is a breakthrough in traditional processing mode. Where the vast majority of construction waste concrete through the large portable concrete crusher on-site treatment, is made ??of various types of aggregates and green tiles, all used for the construction of university campus.

After testing, construction waste is made of brick, with a compressive strength of up to 11 MPa and with thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, can completely replace the clay bricks. Directly crushed recycled aggregate can be used as a good bricks production of raw materials, and so avoid the brickyard raw materials to the mountains, rivers, and other places, effectively reducing the request of the natural resources at the same time directly reduce construction garbage removal costs.

YIFAN Machinery developed portable concrete cruhser construction waste concrete recycling plant will not only put into use in Shenzhen, and successfully applied in Kunming, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Beijing and other domestic cities to achieve the reunification of the economic, social and environmental benefits. Construction waste concrete recycling institutionalized, industrialization, and vigorously promote the construction and materials of construction industry sustainable development road. Only construction waste concrete recycling to the formation of industrial chain, truly effective way of construction waste turning waste into treasure.

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