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With the vigorous development of the infrastructure, construction waste, concrete recycling become a hot topic of how to properly deal with the concrete into a renewable resource utilization, is not thrown away, as the top priority in the work of the government. We all know that construction waste concrete processing mostly direct landfill, piled incorrect approach, such treatment is not a waste of land resources, but also pollute the environment. Everyone so confused when construction waste concrete recycling equipment, it appears, makes solid construction waste all of a sudden be respected by the people, because of the construction waste concrete recycling equipment can construction waste into renewable resources, secondary use.
The concrete recycling of construction waste is a long-term, complex system, involving all levels of society. Efficient processing and use of construction waste, the development of recycling economy must form a complete industrial chain of construction waste concrete recycling. Only the recycling of construction waste into an element of the development of recycling economy, the establishment of a corporate management, government oversight, legal protection of fair competition platform, construction waste collection, sorting, recycling, transportation, storage, treatment, recycling, integration of product management, industrial chain formed to achieve construction waste is an effective way to change waste into treasure.
Yifan Machinery developed concrete construction waste concrete recycling equipment transportation, construction waste recycling, nor dust pollution, small footprint, efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection, good results. Materials on-site crushing without having the material removed from the scene and then broken, and can be moved with the mining of raw materials face forward, thereby significantly reducing the cost of transporting materials. The portable concrete crusher plant configuration is flexible and can be designed according to the actual site design modifications or special portable concrete crusher, construction waste disposal process.
Construction waste concrete recycling equipment for construction waste to meet new journey, making the construction waste into the secondary use of resources, and not pollute the environment, resulting in the waste of land, so that it completely changed the fate of the construction waste.

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