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Building a resource-saving society

Construction waste from unwanted material direct or incidental to the construction industry. This includes building materials, such as insulation, nails, electrical wiring, and rebar, as well as waste from site preparation, such as dredging materials, tree stumps and rubble. Made of construction waste materials, such as brick, concrete and wood, damaged during the construction of a variety of reasons, not use.  Concrete Recycling is to create different types of construction waste recycled products, recycled brick is the most popular product in the current construction of waste treatment market.

Concrete Recycling made ​​out of recycled brick formed sorting, crushing, screening into coarse and fine aggregate, and then based on a certain proportion of the mixed coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and cement, brick molding machine. After a period of maintenance, construction waste recycled brick, in line with the level of product quality target, is produced. From concrete recycling, recycled brick obvious features, such as a major energy-saving, water-saving, coal, etc..

Publication of the relevant regulations and preferential policies in China and all over the country as soon as possible in order to complete the construction waste disposal and promote the development of the construction waste disposal. Strengthen  concrete recycling, can make full use of resources, waste into treasure of wealth, a lot of things in one fell swoop, with obvious economic and social benefits, building a resource-saving society and made ​​a great contribution.

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