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In recent years, with the rapid economic development and urbanization accelerated the transformation of a large urban area, as well as the town village demolition, the resulting large amount of construction waste, how to solve the construction waste disposal problem? The Zhengzhou renewable resources in response to the call of the local government, actively introduce portable concrete crusher station and treatment resources, urban construction waste disposal, Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery construction waste disposal engineering industry with excellent product quality and strong after-sales support in the crowd.

Construction waste in the demolition process of the old building garbage mainly include: broken concrete, abandoned brick abandoned cement reinforced. Construction waste should be taken to the nearest principle, instead of re-treatment after the long-distance transport to reduce transport pollution of the environment on the one hand, because the nearest processing followed to reduce construction waste disposal costs, and finally, to recycled products in the construction waste disposal site be utilized.

Zhengzhou YIFAN mobile construction waste disposal equipment realize construction waste recycling. Construction waste into recycled aggregate after crushing plant processing, can be made of concrete, recycled brick, can pave the way for applications in housing construction. Of course, quality has always been the people most concerned about, used to produce aggregate for construction waste recycling renewable products fully meet the national standard, in some areas of the domestic construction waste for brick-making has gradually instead of clay bricks widely in housing construction Application.

Portable concrete crusher station can first crushing stone, greatly reducing the intermediate links broken by the stone, and can achieve the purpose of the work at any time convenient to adjust the station, greatly ensure the equipment feeding at discharge at all able at the venue the best economic position, to reduce the input of the device, effectively reducing the cost of the equipment.

Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery is a professional R & D manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment, already has 25 years of experience in R & D and production. Zhengzhou YIFAN grasp social development opportunity, with the development opportunities of urbanization, vigorously develop the construction waste disposal equipment, launched the construction of waste treatment professional equipment - portable concrete crusher. YIFAN portable concrete crusher mainly include: tire type portable concrete crusher, crawler type portable concrete crusher, waste treatment in the domestic construction market has been recognized and praised, Zhengzhou Yifan the buildings waste disposal equipment, construction waste recycling dawn point.

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