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Construction waste by sorting, crushing, screening process as recycled aggregate, with eco-cement (mainly by high calcium fly ash, slag, and FGD gypsum and other solid waste preparation), antifreeze additives, water measured proportionally, stirring construction waste disposal equipment processing construction waste by cement brick machine to produce high-performance standard bricks. The product has excellent freeze-thaw resistance, solid waste containing up to 96%, other performance meet the "concrete ShiXinZhuan" GB/T21144-2007 standard requirements, strength grade MU15.

Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., a decade-long study, and finally in 2007 to develop a construction waste turning waste into treasure devices - portable concrete crusher for construction waste recycling. The success of portable concrete crusher, smooth construction waste by sorting, crushing, screening to the appropriate particle size as recycled aggregate used in the production of high-performance standard brick, improve the product by adding additives, antifreeze performance adapt to the northern cold areas and extreme weather conditions.

Use of construction waste disposal equipment and processing materials brick, this study, mixing and uniform design method with additional constraints, the first building garbage aggregate crushing, sieving into four consecutive graded aggregates at all levels of code corresponding to the aggregate size range. Aggregate quantity at all levels in the range of 0.3 ≤ X1 ≤ 0.5,0.1 ≤ X2 ≤ 0.4,0.1 ≤ X3 ≤ 0.3,0.1 ≤ X4 ≤ 0.3, using DPS data processing software generates a 12 level determined based on actual production experience Test program to explore the influence of recycled aggregate gradation on brick strength. The mole ratio of 76% to 24% of cement, aggregate, test programs and 28d compressive strength test. After the study found that the material is fully in line with the production requirements of the GB brick construction waste disposal equipment processing.

YIFAN Machinery Company construction waste disposal equipment supporting by professional vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, jaw concrete crusher, impact concrete crusher, cone concrete crusher unit, can form a counter - impact serie portable concrete crusher, cone serie portable concrete crusher, vertical impact serie portable concrete crusher, jaw serie portable concrete crusher, each combination can have different properties, and also according to the special requirements of customers, production to meet the different needs of the construction waste disposal equipment. Can fully adapt to the various mobile crushing and screening, real for customers to create new business opportunities and reduce production costs.

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